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I never truly felt that I belonged anywhere, nor that I was a part of any culture. I feel that I have created my own cultural identity. My work is influenced by my personal taste and of course by feelings - human features. My art is about those feelings that are subjective, they are personal experiences, or “the affairs of the heart”.


When I see an artwork which gives me an emotion, my eyes naturally capture the intricacies of the piece. I am always trying to break it down as a detective figuring out a crime scene, step by step putting the pieces together, wanting to know how it was created.

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Svetlana Talabolina

I am going to tell you a little secret: the hardest part of all the process from the beginning to the end is my signature. I think it is so, because I have a preset idea of how it is supposed to look. Sometimes I have to redo it several times. What I am trying to say is that, what the audience sees in my artworks is what happened almost by accident, besides the body shapes and the title. I never know how it is going to look at the end, or what we are going to see within. Invisible to the eye, or the message between the brush strokes that is what my art is about.

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LA Downtown News, Article By Luke Netzley

As the city of Los Angeles continues to grow and new development changes the Downtown cityscape, LA-based muralist Svetlana Talabolina looks to breathe new life into one of the city’s first skyscrapers. Built in 1903 by John Parkinson, famed architect of the Memorial Coliseum, Union Station and LA City Hall, the Continental Building stands as a 175-foot, 12-story Beaux Arts-style tower on Spring Street and was the tallest building in the city for more than 50 years. 

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Artist of the Year Award 2021 Svetlana Talabolina

Art Squat Magazine and Art Squat Management, Founded by Artist Johnny Otto with Writers Laura Siebold and Julia Siedenburg, proudly announce the winner of their first annual Artist of the Year Award, Artist Svetlana Talabolina. Art Squat was launched in 2021 and has quickly become a must-read magazine for anybody interested in the Los Angeles art scene and global Artists. Featuring interviews and articles with Artists such as Dave Navarro, PAHDiA, Plastic Jesus, WRDSMTH, Stephanie Cate, Billy Morrison, Meg Zany, Bill Barminski, Matthew Wood, Will Carsola, Camille Waldorf, Blek le Rat, and many more.

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